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Video: Rick Ross - Supreme (Explicit)

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on August 04, 2014

Yesterday, Rick Ross released the latest video for his new single "Supreme". Check it out above.
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This year I won’t be scared to break into song, and I want to gather enough balls to do it in front of real LIVE people. :) Partner in crime, anyone?

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Rick Ross always giving some great Impact with what he did. It will be nice looking both of them in this vid. check out his pic collage in my blog

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It's awesome. You seem to like the beach; you're at it on YouTube, too and I love it, too. But, that cannon-ball, man, fantastic. You show what success means and that's good for me and everyone else -- how life should be lived; LARGE. I'm checking out your "War Ready" and it'll be on my face book page -- free advertising to a new audience who needs to know about you. apachewardance

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I got mad hookS for the camp,I WOULD TO GET INVOLVED,

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