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Kanye West Talks Twitter Beef, Kim Kardashian & Paparazzi on Jimmy Kimmel

on October 10, 2013


Recently in the last two weeks, the world of twitter received a huge rant from the famed Rapper Kanye West. This time around, the focus was aimed at super television show host Jimmy Kimmel for a planned skit where Kanye's life was mimicked and reenacted by children. The skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live aimed to poke fun at West' most recent BBC interview where Kanye opened up on how unfairly he is treated and how misunderstood he is.


No shots held back, Kanye took to twitter and put Kimmel on blast by insulting his face, his comedic capabilities and even his sexuality.

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French Montana v.s. Nardwuar on 'I Am Other' TV

on September 26, 2013


If you have not by now, been tuning into the hilarious interviews of British-Columbia (Canada's) own Nardwuar, then well, your missing something special. The television personality who is famed for his extreme knowledge of culture-in-general--and is also a great gift giver, links up with Bronx rapper French Montana for yet another corky interview.

Nardwuar and Mr. Montana talk about everything from where his gold-inspired chains come from, his 'straight from Iraq Hookahs', a small acknowledgment and gifting of everything Slick Rick and quizzes Frenchs' knowledge on the movie 'Rumble in

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Nipsey Hussle Releases 'Crenshaw' Documentary With Karen Civil

on September 24, 2013


Over on the west coast, a certain rapper by the name of Nipsey Hussle is prepping the release of his latest mixtape 'Crenshaw' in collaboration with DJ Drama. To promote the new project, what makes more sense than to take viewers to the essence of the mixtape--Hussle's hometown of Crenshaw. Karen Civil has a chance to catch up with the braided MC for a 'Crenshaw Documentary' where the two talk everything from where he grew up, to features and collaborations on the project. 

You can check out the new 'Crenshaw' documentary above, and look below for the 'Crenshaw' mixtape tracklist!