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Kanye West

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Kanye West Talks Twitter Beef, Kim Kardashian & Paparazzi on Jimmy Kimmel

on October 10, 2013


Recently in the last two weeks, the world of twitter received a huge rant from the famed Rapper Kanye West. This time around, the focus was aimed at super television show host Jimmy Kimmel for a planned skit where Kanye's life was mimicked and reenacted by children. The skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live aimed to poke fun at West' most recent BBC interview where Kanye opened up on how unfairly he is treated and how misunderstood he is.


No shots held back, Kanye took to twitter and put Kimmel on blast by insulting his face, his comedic capabilities and even his sexuality.

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New Live Music: Kanye West ft. Charlie Wilson and The Roots- 'Bound 2'

on September 15, 2013


Chances are high that you have already heard Kanye West's 'Bound 2' and it has already become one of your favorite tracks off the recently dropped 'Yeezus' album. Well, you haven't hear the cut quite like this, and by quite like this, we mean live! For you listening pleasure, the 'Bound 2' record has been released with the live vocals of Charlie Wilson and instrument accompaniment by The Roots. You can listen to the live version below.

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Kanye West Faces Battery and Attempted Grand Theft Auto Charges

on September 14, 2013

In most recent news, Kanye West can't seem to shake that grudge he has with paparazzi. Back in July it was reported and caught on video by TMZ where Kanye was extremely offended by the actions of a photo-capturing camera man. With Kanye's recent rants for paparazzi to 'never talk to him, ever', a lucky camera man by the name of Daniel Ramos tested his luck and caught Kanye's wrath. As photographed in what appears to be a headlock, Kanye threw the paparazzi to the ground at an LAX airport.

Initial reports showed that no charges were being pressed against the 'Yeezus' rapper, but now things have