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Did You Catch Drake, Travis Scott and Raekwon Live Performance at ALIFE NYC?

on September 29, 2013


Just this weekend, the man of the hour, rapper Drake, made his rounds in New York City. Just releasing his third studio LP Nothing Was The Same, Drake stops by the popular urban street wear brand, ALIFE for a special backyard performance. 

Drake pays homage to the city before ripping cuts such as us 'All Me' after saying 'I'm here for yall, I just wanna fuck with yall. I remember standing in the back corner'. Upon shouting out ALIFE's own Dice, Drake brings out the popular GOOD Music/ Grand Hustle affiliate Travis Scott to perform his hit 'Echelon'. 

More suspiring however, as Drake takes

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Did You Catch Nas Celebrating His 40th Birthday In NYC?

on September 15, 2013


One of the original rap 'G.O.A.T.S.', rapper Nas, just recently celebrated a birthday in New York City and what a star-studded night it was. Nas is one of the industry few who just get better with time as he brings in his 40th birthday soiree courtesy of Hennessy. Celebrities who helped the 'Illmatic' game changer included Mariah Carey, Pusha T, Jermaine Dupri and a ton of others. The hottest of cuts from the MC's artist repertoire were spinned all night as the group celebrated yet another pivotal moments in life. Check out the Nigel D footage above!


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